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Taking Your Bra Off After A Long Day Is A MOOD & Science Says Half Of Women Can Relate

https://www.elitedaily.com/p/taking-your-bra-off-after-a-long-day-is-a-mood-science-says-half-of-women-can-relate-12708435 BY JULIA GUERRA You’ve spent the entire day working hard or hardly working — either way, you’ve been out of the house since sun-up and need a little TLC, ASAP. Stepping into your apartment, a few options present themselves to you: a tall glass of merlot calling your name from the kitchen, a stash of […]

13 Reasons Why Not Wearing A Bra Is The Best Feeling In The World

https://www.elitedaily.com/women/reasons-no-bra-best-feeling-world/821656 BY ASHLEY FERN Taking your bra off is an extremely liberating feeling, and one we females look forward to — every day, all day long. A simple act like this may sound silly to some people, but this article isn’t intended for their readership… unless it’s to empathize with what we struggle with on the […]